Confetti cannons have become a staple of postgame celebrations at big events.

The clock winds down, the players rush the field and the confetti comes raining down.

The celebration for college football's national championship at University of Phoenix Stadium featured 14 confetti cannons on the sidelines and 16 streamer cannons located along the stadium's catwalk.

Each cannon holds about 25 pounds of confetti, shooting it out over a span of about 90 seconds

Artistry in Motion, based in Los Angeles, produces confetti for most of the major sporting events and theme parks, creating specially-choreographed showers of confetti and streamers. 

It can produce quite a mess, too. 

Scott Norton, director of marketing and public relations for the stadium, says it takes about three days to clean the entire stadium and the pick up by trucks has to be orchestrated to keep from creating a glut at the docks.

Here's a quick look of Monday night's celebration from start to finish.