The last time Miami saw referee Jerry Magallanes, the Hurricanes were penalized a school-record 23 times in a victory at Duke and Magallanes' crew got suspended for the way it botched the wild eight-lateral play that became the winning touchdown with no time remaining.

So for Miami's biggest game in years, the Atlantic Coast Conference sent Magallanes to the Hurricanes' game against Notre Dame on Saturday night.

Magallanes, making the decisive call in 2015.


The ACC did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the move was curious.

In all, five members of the on-field crew that had that Miami-Duke game in 2015 were assigned to the Hurricanes-Notre Dame game. Besides Magallanes, Tracy Lynch, Jim Slayton, Robert Luklan and Michael McCarthy were also in Miami Gardens for the game on Saturday night.

The ACC suspended that crew for two games after reviewing the final play of the Duke-Miami contest, after citing four major errors on the final play.