Auburn coaches Bruce Pearl and Gus Malzahn treated students cramming for finals to a midnight study break.

The Tigers’ basketball and football coaches, along with athletic director Jay Jacobs, surprised the students at the library Sunday night before finals week with donuts and coffee.

Pearl got on the loudspeaker with the invitation to a surprise second-floor get-together: “Attention all hard-working Auburn students. This is coach Bruce Pearl of the men's basketball team and I'd like to call a 30-second timeout. Would you please join myself and coach Gus Malzahn, who is on his way to the Sugar Bowl, and our athletic director Jay Jacobs?

“We've got some donuts, we've got some coffee, we've got some treats for you.

 Join us on the second floor. Let's take a quick study time out. War eagle.”

Hours earlier, the Tigers’ 17th-ranked football team had been invited to the Sugar Bowl to face No. 7 Oklahoma.