Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has little doubt where he'd stand if his hiring nine years ago was subject to social media. 

"If there had been a cyber-jury in (2008), I don't get this job," Swinney said. "No question about it." 

Back then, Swinney was a 39-year-old receivers coach who was elevated to the head office when Clemson let go of Tommy Bowden in midseason. 

Swinney brought energy and charisma to the program and was hired fulltime after the Tigers topped rival South Carolina to close the regular season nine years ago. 

Of course, the hiring came when the main course of venting was sports talk radio and not the immediacy of Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram where a small snowball of opinion can grow into an avalanche in a short period of time. 

"If they did a poll" for the Clemson job back then, Swinney said, "I would've been the last man on the poll." 

Swinney was asked about the craziness of today's coaching searches where choices are instantly voted "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on social media. 

In era before any of that, then Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips stuck by the first-time coach and the results have proven it a wise, successful decision. 

Swinney has won three Atlantic Coast Conference titles in his first eight full seasons and capped last year with the national championship win over Alabama. 

The top-ranked Tigers are looking for more this year, facing No. 7 Miami for the ACC championship on Saturday night. 

Swinney praised Clemson administration for their committment and the example they set for doing things the right way. 

"It's been a lot of fun," he said.