Prior to their NCAA football game against Wake Forest, Florida State fans take photos of the latest sod casket to be buried in the Florida State Sod Cemetery. (AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State added its 102nd piece to its Sod Cemetery before Saturday's game against Wake Forest.

The 14th-ranked Seminoles defeated No. 10 Miami 20-19 last Saturday in a game that has been nicknamed by some Florida State fans as "The Block at The Rock". DeMarcus Walker provided the game-winning play with a block of Michael Badgley's extra point that would have tied the game.

"We can all agree that the sod is now in a better place," said Doug Manheimer, who is the keeper of the Sod Cemetery.

The cemetery is located just outside the entrance to the practice fields. Fans took pictures of the sod casket and paid their respects. Manheimer said the sod casket will be buried at a later time once the headstone is made.

The sod tradition began in 1962 when FSU professor Dean Coyle Moore told the team to "bring back some sod from between the hedges at Georgia." The Seminoles beat the Bulldogs 18-0. Moore and coach Bill Peterson had the sod buried on the practice field as a symbol of victory with a headstone to commemorate it.

Florida State recognizes sod games as all road games in which it is an underdoge, all road games against the University of Florida, all ACC Championship and bowl games.