After No. 2 Georgia lost 40-17 to No. 10 Auburn, and No. 3 Notre Dame lost 41-8 to No. 7 Miami, it looked for a time Saturday as if top-ranked Alabama might also be toppled by No. 18 Mississippi State. 

But with 25 seconds left, Jalen Hurts found DeVonta Smith with a 26-yard pass for a 31-24 Tide victory. 

Accroding to AP's poll guru Paul Montella, it is really rare for the top three teams in the Top 25 to fall in one weekend. In fact, it's only happened once. 

Back in 1966. On New Year's Day. 

No. 1 Michigan lost to No. 5 UCLA 14-12 in the Rose Bowl.

No. 2 Arkansas lost to LSU 14-7 in the Cotton Bowl.

No. 3 Nebraska lost to No. 4 Alabama 39-28 in the Orange Bowl.