When Texas A&M left the Big 12 in 2012, the Lone Star State's biggest college football rivalry sadly came to an end.

The Aggies and Texas Longhorn may no longer face off on the field, but there is a clear winner when it comes to which school has more fans who like to brag up their allegiance through a specialty license plate.

The company that handles all specialty plates for the state of Texas has released the list of the colleges with the most ordered through the first half of 2016. Vehicle owners willing to fork out extra money can get a Texas plate that displays their favorite school's colors and logo instead of the standard generic black-and-white plate that dons most vehicles in the state.

Here's the list of the most popular college plates in the football-crazed state:

1. Texas A&M, 481

2. Texas, 382

3. Colorado, 212

4. Texas Tech, 108

5. LSU, 96

6. Alabama, 95

7. Oklahoma, 69

8. TCU, 64

9. Arkansas, 55

10. Houston, 53

Perhaps most surprising is that Colorado beat out Texas Tech, TCU and other home-state schools. In fact, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Colorado even has more plates than Texas A&M, Texas and TCU.