(LSU running back Leonard Fournette at the Texas Bowl/AP Photo)

There’s bad news for anyone who is just getting familiar with the “dab,” the celebration dance that Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton helped introduce to the nation this season.

It’s so over.

Now all the cool kids are on something new. It’s called “running off on da plug twice” from a song called “Ritz Carlton” by rapper Plies.

LSU star running back Leonard Fournette did it on Tuesday night after a 2-yard touchdown run that gave the Tigers a 7-0 lead over Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl. The good news is that it’s about as easy as the “dab” so expect a lot more people to start giving it a try.

It basically just looks like a spirited run in place, with arms pumping and a bit of a shuffle. When Fournette did it on Tuesday night he wasn’t alone. He started the dance but was soon joined by right tackle Vadal Alexander, tight end Foster Moreau and quarterback Brandon Harris. Fullback Bry’Kiethon Mouton tried to join in at the end, but he was just a “dab” too late.

Everyone hasn’t gotten the memo that we’ve moved on from the “dab” though.

Les Miles, LSU’s 62-year-old coach, did it on the field after the school song following the Tigers’ 56-27 win over Texas Tech.

Fournette, the Texas Bowl MVP, took up for Miles when asked whether his coach might be behind the times. But he also added that he’s going to get him on the new dance.

“It’s not old, but I’m going to teach him the new dance I did in the end zone,” Fournette said. “It’s called  _ by Plies, when the whole o-line started jogging. I’m going to teach him that.”

Fournette chuckled and did a sitting version of it as he talked before describing where it came from.

“Plies actually came out with a song called “Ritz Carlton”, it was about a hotel and he just say he ran off on the plug twice,” Fournette said. “He was just jogging in the bathroom.”