There were simple requests that personable Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was glad to do. Quick photos with the Tigers coach who has done hundreds of them during his nine years leading the football team. 

Only for some of them a few years ago, the joke was on the smiling Swinney as some in the picture _ mostly likely a South Carolina fan _ would hold up five fingers to signify the Gamecocks five straight rivalry  wins from 2009-13. 

Even as the Tigers turned things around by winning the past three, it hasn't changed how many, including Tiger players, feel about the pictures.

"I ain't going to lie to you," Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrell said. "It was hilarious because he was smiling so extra hard and then he don't even know. The kid was like, 'Yeah, we beat you like five times.' A lot of us were in there laughing because that was really funny." 

When Swinney was told what was happening, it floored him. "I would have random people show me something and I'd be like, 'Well, son of a gun.' I was just taking a picture with somebody at a McDonald's or something. I'd have no idea." 

Swinney held no ill feelings when he discovered the five-bomb photos. 

"That's just part of the rivalry," Swinney said. 

Still, Swinney is working on his own streak now after the past three wins. 

The teams play in Columbia on Saturday night.