How many national titles does a coach have to win to get his name spelled right? 

Clemson's Dabo Swinney talked about he his family's efforts to combat breast cancer this week when he told fans they could donate by texting his name. 

That's when he jokingly took a few more seconds for a lesson in Dabo. 

"Text the word Dabo, D-A-B-O," Swinney began. "There's not two 'Bs' in there. There's not two 'As.' It's not an 'O,' Dahhhhh-bo.' It's 'A' as in apple, 'Daaaa-bo. D-A-B-O."

Swinney has dealt with the mispronouciations all his life since his older brother, Tripp, kept calling the toddler, "That boy," which sounded to all like "Dabo." So it stuck. 

Ever since, Swinney's largely smiled and nodded if he hears his name mangled a bit. 

Swinney and the Tigers won the national championship with a 35-31 victory over Alabama last January. At the White House celebration, President Trump did not pronounce his first name exactly right, using the clipped, "ah" call on his first name. 

Count on the managled spellings and botched pronounciations to continue as long as Swinney stays in the game.