Kansas State broke with tradition on Saturday and unveiled special alternate uniforms to honor the military on Fort Riley Day for the Wildcats' game against No. 22 Oklahoma State
The Wildcats are still wearing their typical purple jerseys and silver pants, but their helmet is a matte camoflauge with a purple logo _ rather than a silver helmet.
Longtime coach Bill Snyder largely has eschewed the trend in college football toward numerous uniform combinations, one that has been coincidentally embraced by Cowboys coach Mike Gundy. Instead, the Wildcats' uniforms remain largely unchanged from the ones that he introduced after his arrival in the late 1980s
There are a few times Kansas State has tweaked its uniform. Ron Prince unveiled an all-purple look while Snyder was briefly retired, and the logo on the helmet was a camoflauge design for military appreciation a few year ago.
While there had been rumors of an alternate uniform this week, the design was kept under wraps until the team took the field for warmups about an hour before kickoff. The other departures to the uniform included camo-style gloves, compression tops and compression pants that completed the military look.
Kansas State has had a close relationship with Fort Riley, located about 20 minutes from the stadium. Every athletics program is partnered with one of the base's units, and the football team is currently partnered with the 1-16 Infanty Division, also known as the Iron Rangers. The two engage in team-building exercises, and several times football players have gone through basic training-style events on base.
Military equipment was on display around the stadium Saturday, and Iron Rangers welcomed the team to the field before kickoff. Members of the Big Red One Band also joined the Kansas State marching band during its halftime performance.