Kelly Bryant sat way up high the first time he experienced Clemson play Florida State. He'll have a much closer and better view this time around. 

Bryant's first time at Death Valley came a decade ago when his father, Russ, surprised him with tickets to the Tigers game with the Seminoles on Labor Day 2007. 

The game kicked off that season for both teams. It also kicked off a true love affair with Clemson for Bryant, then in middle school. 

"I just remember it was me and my dad," Kelly Bryant said. "It was in the upper deck, so we had to walk a long way." 

The Bryants watched Clemson and coach Tommy Bowden pull out a 24-18 win over Florida State and Tommy's dad, Bobby Bowden that night. 

Clemson took a 24-3 lead at the half and held on as the Seminoles rallied. 

"It was neat," said Kelly Bryant, who had never been to a game at Death Valley before that one. 

Flash forward to now when Bryant will try and help the fourth-ranked Tigers lock up the ACC Atlantic Division with a win over struggling Florida State. 

Bryant is a big reason why the Tigers have played strongly the year after several offensive stars from the national championship team left for the NFL. 

For Bryant, there's almost as much excitement as that long-ago game because he'll be on the field trying to make things happen rather than rooting from the stands. 

"Really excited for this game," he said. "I'm excited like I've been throughout the course of the season.