Paul Johnson has made it clear he wants to upgrade the facilities and other amenities at Georgia Tech.
The Yellow Jackets coach is also a realist.
He know the Atlantic Coast Conference school will never be on par with football powerhouses such as Clemson and Georgia.
"Everyone is not the same," Johnson said. "We can't copy Clemson. We can't copy Georgia. The schools are just different. They're set up different. What you have to do is accentuate the positives you have, make what you have the best it can be. We're never going to have their budget. As long as they draw twice as many fans as us, we're never going to have their budget."
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Johnson pointed to the game last weekend, a 24-10 loss at Clemson on a miserable night. 
"You saw 80,000 people there in a driving rainstorm," he said, mindful that Georgia Tech's stadium holds only 55,000 and is rarely full, even on the best of days.
"You do the best with what you have, but the schools are different. Certain schools have decided to put it into overdrive."
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Johnson was undoubtedly referring to Clemson's new $55 million, 140,000-square-foot football training facility, which includes not only a huge weight room and lap pool but video games, virtual reality room, golf simulator, barber shop, personal laundry and nap room.
Georgia Tech will never be able to afford such an absurdly opulent building.

What can the Yellow Jackets' offer? Johnson couldn't resist a bit of a jab.
"The No. 1 thing here that you can't get (elsewhere) is the education," he said. "If you want an urban, city setting, then this is for you and Clemson can't do that. But if they want to be in a college town on a lake (like Clemson), we can't do that. There's different strokes for different folks and ... hopefully, we can broaden our scope and we can find guys that want what we have to offer as opposed to a school that has a zillion majors.
"That's just the way it is. We're not set up like they are, so we're not going to attract the same type of kids."