Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Budda Baker learned about Alabama football the same way as so many other kids.
Video games.
"You go on the game and it's already (set to) Alabama because they're usually the No. 1 team," the Washington safety recalled Wednesday. "Now we all realize we're going against that team. We feel like it's a great opportunity."
(Vasha Hunt/ via AP)
While thrilled about facing the Crimson Tide in the Peach Bowl, Baker conceded that he usually passed up the chance to play as Alabama with a controller in his hand.
When he was younger, the Tide had a different style of offense than the one now featuring dynamic dual threat Jalen Hurts. Past Alabama teams relied on traditional-style quarterbacks and powerful runners. 
In other words, not as much fun for a gamer. 
"Alabama didn't have a lot of running quarterbacks in the NCAA game, so I usually played with the Oregon teams because they always had a guy who could run," Baker said with a smile. "I would send my guys on all-gos and just run with the quarterback."