Alabama is struggling to move the football in the national championship game, and an old friend is here to help: Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin, the outspoken former Tide offensive coordinator and current head coach at FAU, criticized Alabama’s playcalling on Twitter during halftime. Alabama trailed Georgia 13-0 at the break.

"Are we going to actually throw the ball downfield once???" Kiffin asked. He also retweeted an FAU fan account suggesting that Alabama lost last year’s title game to Clemson and is losing to Georgia because of Kiffin’s absence. Kiffin left Alabama before last year’s championship game to take the FAU job.

It's not the first time Kiffin has trolled his old boss Nick Saban online. He jabbed Alabama for missing the SEC title game this season, and has also made a meme out of Saban referring to the Tide's media hype as "rat poison."

As of early in the third quarter, Georgia had outgained Alabama in yards 216-96, and Alabama had just 23 yards passing.