Murray State senior defensive lineman Bishop Woods and girlfriend Caitlin Myers decided Tuesday morning to get married and even applied for a license in hopes of being man and wife by day's end.
All they needed was someone to make it official, and Racers first-year offensive line coach Brian Hamilton gladly stepped up on short notice.
Murray State tweeted out a video Tuesday evening of the humorous, impromptu nuptials in the rain. Woods' teammates aren't visible in the video but are heard in the background.
"It was very spontaneous," Myers, 21, said of their life-changing decision.
"We were going to go the court house but started talking about it in the locker room," Woods told The Associated Press by phone on Wednesday from Murray, Kentucky.
"I talked to coach and he said he was ordained and would do it."
Racers head coach Mitch Stewart held a light blue umbrella over Myers as she stood across from Woods, who was dressed and a navy-and-gold practice uniform. In the middle was Hamilton, 41, who is ordained to officiate weddings by the Universal Life Church.
The church's website features a long list of celebrity ministers, including talk show host Conan O'Brien, actress Goldie Hawn and former Beatles icon Paul McCartney. Hamilton joked that being called him a minister "would be very liberal," but was serious about the responsibility.
Not for long, though, as Hamilton added humurous situations to traditional questions that had the couple giggling throughout.
For example: Hamilton mentioned loving each other in sickness and in health, even if the sickness is caused by trendy cocktails "or losses by his team, teams he coaches on or follows or wagers on."
"It's all stuff that people who have been married relate to," said Hamilton, who has been married for 13 years and has two sons. "All the little day-to-day things that you can think of. ... You just want to make sure both of them are comfortable."
Hamilton then pronouced them married to teammates' cheers. The couple, who dated for 3 1/2 years and have a four-month-old son, Benjamin, received their marriage certificate on Wednesday in Calloway County.
While the hastily-organized ceremony prevented Woods' mother from being there. The Atlanta native said his mother told him from Texas that the video made her feel like she was there.
Myers, from Henderson, Kentucky, conceded that her family might want a traditional ceremony. She said that wish might have to wait.
"We did what's good for us," Myers said.
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